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Velvet Mesquite - Illustration by George Malesky
Velvet Mesquite
A Natural Symbol of Sustainable Peace

Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA)
~ promoting peace, justice, and sustainability


Sunday, March 30 2014, 2:30pm to 5pm

Location: Monterey Court, 505 W. Miracle Mile, Tucson

Sharing: Culturally Diverse Expressions of Art & Rituals Celebrating Love

Ann Yellott 520-991-6781 ann@cultureofpeacealliance.org

The Cultural of Peace Alliance (COPA) hosts an afternoon of music, storytelling, poetry, and creative inquiry dedicated to the various ways that love touches and transforms our lives. Love provides the core foundation for all peace and nonviolence work. Thus, COPA has chosen to Celebrate LOVE as the focus for its first-ever fundraising event. Be transformed and inspired to spread love and build peace.

A $10 donation is suggested. Proceeds will benefit COPA and its peace-building affiliates: Community Conversations, Nonviolence Legacy Project, PeaceWalk Tucson, & Phoenix Nonviolence TruthForce, as well as Wingspan’s commission with Signs for Change: A Mural Art Project for Marriage Equality.

Come join us at Monterey Court on March 30th from 2:30 to 5 PM for an engaging and interactive cultural showcase for peace! There will be an opportunity during the event to share what love you want to celebrate in your life.

Click here for Flyer

Your Ticket donation can be paid at the event or ahead of time on this website, following these steps:

  1. Click on the “Donate Now” button on this page.
  2. This takes you to a page entitled, “Make a donation to the Culture of Peace Alliance.”
  3. To pay the suggested donation of $10 for the Celebrate LOVE event, click on “Other” and type in $10 in the box provided. Of course, you are free to donate at a higher level to provide more support for the positive peace work of COPA.
  4. Since this donation acts as your ticket for the Celebrate LOVE event, it would be helpful (although it is not required) if you would provide your name, email address, and full address, so we can acknowledge your donation.
  5. Under “Program”, click on the list and select “Other”.
  6. Write Celebrate LOVE in the “Other” Box.
  7. If you want to dedicate your donation to the memory of a loved one, follow those directions.
  8. When finished with Steps #1-7 above, click on the “Add to Basket” button.
  9. This takes you to the Donation page that allows you to check on the amount you are donating; if correct amount is showing, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button.
  10. This goes to the JustGive donation page. If you are a “one time only” donor, click on the “Guest Account” button. (If you are a repeat donor , click on the “Returning Donors” link; If you want to set up an account to do future donations, click on the “Set Up New Account” button.)
  11. If you selected “Guest Account”, this will take you to a page labeled: “Review and Complete Your Donations”. If you selected the $10 level of donation, you can chose to also cover the additional tiny amount (47 cents) to cover the JustGive processsing fee, or you can uncheck the option marked “Give the charity the full donation”, which will remove that processing fee from what you are donating.
  12. Final steps: Click the Payment Method button on the left side of the page and fill in the information requested. Last, click “Complete Donation.”
  13. Print out your receipt and bring it with you to the Celebrate LOVE event as your Ticket !!!
  14. Questions or concerns, call 520-991-6781.